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iüLabs Bottle

iüLabs Bottle

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iüLabs Water Bottle - Make, Shake, and Drink

The iüLabs Water Bottle is the best way to prepare your iüLabs supplements and activate the SoluSmart® high absorption technology. Fill to the line on the bottle, add your supplement solute, and shake for 5-15 seconds to activate. It reduces spillage and stains, as well as ensures you get the maximum impact from our powerful ingredients.

✓ Capacity: 0.5 litres

✓ Material: TRITAN

✓ Food Safe: Odourless and Tasteless

✓ Free from BPA and BPS (Bisphenol A and S)

✓ Dishwasher Safe

✓ Heat Resistant up to 80°C

✓ Pressure Resistance: 2 Bar

✓ Dimensions: Diameter 70mm, Height 180mm

The bottle is transparent grey, ergonomically shaped, and leak-proof. It is made from BPA-free Tritan plastic, contains no hardeners or softeners, and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. It's essential for your daily iüLabs drink!

How to Prepare Your iüLabs Drink

Unique SoluSmart® Technology

SoluSmart® is our unique activation technology that significantly multiples bioavailability. Put simply, it helps your body absorb much more of the goodness in our products than you would with a standard supplement (indeed 5-20* times higher gut absorption and bioavailability).

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How to Make Your iüLabs Drink:

Maximise Your iüLabs Experience

You need a bottle that's right for the job. Why? Because our SoluSmart® vesicles are activated only when you shake our drink. This means if you're looking for maximum absorption of the nutrients and benefits in our products, shaking is essential.

That's exactly why we've chosen this particular bottle.

It's a cleverly designed tool to enhance your experience with iüLabs supplements.

The small mouthpiece is a key feature – it minimises spills and avoids staining, making your drink preparation not only effective but also clean and convenient. Plus, with its durable and BPA-free Tritan construction, this bottle is a reliable companion for your daily hydration and nutrition needs.

In short, for an optimal SoluSmart® experience, this bottle is not just a container; it's the solution.