What is SoluSmart?

SoluSmart® is the key that unlocks the power of iüLabs products.

It is our unique activation technology that significantly improves bioavailability. Put simply, it helps your body absorb much more of the goodness in our products than you would with a standard supplement (indeed 5-20* times higher gut absorption and bioavailability).

It means you can get a much bigger impact from the super-powerful natural ingredients in our drinks.

How does SoluSmart work?

SoluSmart® uses 100% natural plant lipids to form multilaminar vesicles – tiny taxis that can transport ingredients through the gut wall and into your system. SoluSmart® increases the bioavailability of these nutrients and ingredients significantly (more on this below). The ingredients within a SoluSmart® concentrate are locked-in; to activate the drink you simply add water and shake. This instantly creates millions of fresh vesicles able to carry ingredients to your organs and cells. Watch the short animation on the left to learn more.


What are the Benefits of SoluSmart?

  • SoluSmart®  unlocks the power of the potent natural ingredients so you get a much bigger impact
  • Delivers up to 5-20* times higher gut absorption and bioavailability than a standard supplement
  • Shaking your drink instantly creates millions of multi laminar vesicles – tiny taxis – that carry more goodness to more of your cells
  • As the ingredients only come to life when shaken in your drink, they last longer, and we don’t need to add artificial preservatives (and you don’t have to keep your iüLabs drink in a fridge)
  • Multiple ingredients are concentrated into one ready to use solute mix – so no need to take multiple bulky capsules

Overall, SoluSmart® significantly multiplies bioavailability, you are getting a much bigger impact from the ingredients in our drinks than you would with a standard supplement.

*depends on compound, may be substantially higher

What is Bioavailability?

SoluSmart® high absorption technology graph compared with conventional supplements in relation to the blood concentration and time take for the absorption

Bioavailability is the extent and rate to which an active ingredient, drug, or substance, from a product taken (such as a supplement or drug) is absorbed by the body and becomes available at the targeted area.

Bioavailability of a substance, after taking it orally, is affected by a number of different factors, including the physical chemical properties of the substance, physiological aspects, the type of dosage form, food intake, and the variability of bio-mechanisms from person to person (such as weight, metabolism, gut health and more).

It’s worth knowing that any given substance will only take effect if it can be absorbed by the body, so bioavailability is the key to creating a supplement that delivers its content’s proven benefits.

If a supplement has high bioavailability, it increases the chances of your body taking in the necessary nutrients from the substances within it, and in turn, deliver its healthful benefits to your system.

Graphic to show the rate of absorption in the gut celluar walls, taking tablets, to the stomach and the intestine

Why is bioavailability important?

Around the world, millions of supplements are taken each day but much of the nutritional value within the ingredients can’t be absorbed in the gut. All that goodness simply passes through your body and is flushed away. That means your system isn’t getting the support it needs.

Why are bioactive ingredients sometimes difficult to absorb?

High-quality active ingredients don’t always dissolve easily in water. Unless your supplement has a way of overcoming this, you’re not going to get the full benefits of the ingredients you’re taking. Sometimes supplement makers try to compensate by adding oil, but only limited amounts of an oil will enter your bloodstream and reach your cells, where it’s needed.

How can I get the best results from taking an iüLabs product?

iüLabs products are designed to work very rapidly, but also generate long term benefits. So, taking your product regularly, usually at the same time of the day, is the best way to get the maximum benefit out of the supplements, so that they can really make a difference.

Why Does SoluSmart Matter?

SoluSmart® high absorption technology multilamellar vesicle encapsulating plant phytochemical compounds, in comparison to Liposome technology

How are the multilaminar vesicles in SoluSmart® high in bioavailability?

These vesicles are much more structurally similar to cell membranes than the micelles or liposomes used in many other supplements. That means your system recognises them and allows more through the gut’s membranes and into your system.

What happens when an iü drink reaches my cells?

Having been well absorbed, our vesicles travel to your cells. There, they block or inhibit inflammatory signalling pathways, resulting in less inflammation in your body – especially in key points such as joints. They also trigger the release of antioxidative molecules and enzymes, helping to reduce inflammation.

lady smiling with grey hair and black t-shirt with a nude grey background

What difference does it make for me?

iüLabs drinks are 5 – 20 times more bioavailable (depending on the natural substances we’re activating). So, you get a powerful hit of super-pure ingredients right into your system every time you use an iüLabs product.

Using our expertise in molecular science, we ensure iüLabs products contain the right amount of each ingredient – neither too low, nor too high. Too little or too much of an ingredient can limit the effectiveness of the entire product.

If you’re the type of person who reads ingredients lists (always a good idea, in our view), you’ll see we often use relatively low dosage amounts compared to many standard supplements. This is because we want to achieve an optimal balance and exactly the right combined effect from our ingredients, for the maximum benefit to you.

  • Graphic showing step one of making an iüLabs drink, adding the 200ml water to the water bottle

    Fill your bottle 

    Still water is best, but feel free to add a little juice for flavour (nothing cloudy or thick though, like a smoothie).

  • Graphic showing step two of making an iüLabs drink, adding the 3ml tube of solute to the water bottle

    Add the solute

    Add all of the solute. Curcumin can stain, so take care when making the drink.

  • Graphic showing step three of making an iüLabs drink, shaking the 3ml tube of solute and water for 5 seconds

    Shake the drink

    This activates the natural ingredients and SoluSmart®, creating tiny bubbles of goodness your system can absorb.

How Curcumin Absorption Differs with SoluSmart

Woman walking in the sunny woods with black trousers holding a silver insulated bottle and carrying a backpack

A holistic approach to supporting your health

At iüLabs, we believe in being clear about what our products can and can’t do. And we’re passionate about promoting a balanced approach to achieving good health.

If you have chronic health issues, we can’t promise that iüLabs products will solve everything. But we believe – if taken for at least three months as part of a healthy lifestyle – our drink will help millions of people experience less pain, feel better and move more.

We have the tools to help you to achieve this, with our bespoke Lifestyle Programme by Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner Carlyle Jenkins, and Tracking System, automatically added to your account when you purchase iüMove.

For now, try to eat well, sleep and rest, and get the right level of exercise for you. Then add iüMove to supplement your health regime. Go to our blog, or ‘science’ pages to read up on the myriad of ways to support your health journey.