What is the iüLabs Approach?

Millions of people worldwide use dietary supplements. However, only a handful of supplements possess the essential blend of knowledge, science and technology required to transform raw ingredients into potent, combinations of compounds that have a truly meaningful impact on quality of life.

At iüLabs we’re scientists, doctors and people with health challenges who have joined forces to make a positive impact for others – like you. Our priority is to develop and provide truly innovative, science-driven natural products and support, always inspired by people’s real health needs and aspirations.

Drawing on decades of expertise in medical, pharmaceutical, and biotech research and development, we endeavor to create products capable of making a difference for millions. We employ four fundamental mechanisms to unlock the full potential of the raw materials in our supplements:

Our deep scientific and medical knowledge of physiological and cellular processes underpin the selection of conditions, natural compounds, and product development. Each iüLabs product features scientifically chosen, bioactive compounds combined with SoluSmart® technology, significantly enhancing uptake and efficacy. With our focus and capabilities akin to pharmaceutical and bio-tech standards, we stride forward, driven by the collective vision of creating wellness solutions that truly matter.

  • Extensive Knowledge and Decades of Experience

    Our team brings forth a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience in natural compounds, human physiology, and drug development. This foundation guides our choices in condition selection, natural compounds, and product development.

  • Proprietary, Patented SoluSmart® Technology

    At the heart of our innovation is SoluSmart® technology, a proprietary and
    patented solution. It significantly enhances the bioavailability of natural ingredients, increasing uptake and efficacy. Discover more about SoluSmart® and why it sets us apart.

  • Holistic Support

    Embracing a holistic approach, we craft our formulations with a synergistic combination of specifically selected ingredients. This approach targets multiple physiological processes, providing comprehensive support for overall well-being.

  • Proven Efficacy

    Our commitment to excellence is reflected in rigorous testing. All iüLabs products undergo extensive testing, and studies consistently affirm their efficacy. This evidence-based approach ensures that our products deliver the promised impact with confidence.

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How Do We Formulate Supplements?

We recognise that optimal well-being is not achieved through isolated efforts, but requires a comprehensive approach. That's why, at iüLabs we choose a specific combination of natural ingredients in all of our supplement formulas.

The crucial concept of synergism is often overlooked. However, at iüLabs we embrace this principle, especially when focusing on complex physiological processes.

In the pharmaceutical world, it's a well-established paradigm to combine drugs for enhanced efficacy. This strategy acknowledges that the combined effect of two or more agents can surpass the expected additive effect of individual agents. It's a paradigm we are following with powerful plant-based compounds in our formulations.

What is Synergism?

1+1 =3

Synergy in the context of supplements, is a phenomenon where the combined effect of two or more ingredients working together exceeds the anticipated additive effect.

To illustrate, if the effect of compound A and the effect of compound B are each assigned a value of 1, the expected additive effect would be 2. However, in synergism, the combined effect of A and B transcends this sum, and creates an effect much greater than 2.

In the context of dietary supplements, we extend this principle to our formulations at iüLabs. While most of the commonly available supplements often focuses on individual compounds, we bring forth the transformative power of synergy.

iüLabs formulations leverage a thoughtful combination of natural ingredients, strategically targeting four key physiologic processes to provide holistic support.

Targeting Four Key Physiologic Processes

These four areas—Inflammation, Cellular Energy, Oxidative Stress and Neurologic Resilience (mood, stress etc) —are not isolated, but interconnected components of your overall health.

iüLabs’ products are a combination of well absorbed, natural ingredients, scientifically chosen to beneficially affect each of these four components of health.

At iüLabs, we’ve redefined supplements by addressing not just one aspect but four fundamental physiologic processes, providing you with holistic and synergistic support that will help you achieve your health goals and tackle any challenges you may have.

  • Inflammation

    Inflammation, a natural response of the body to various stimuli, can
    become a double-edged sword. Chronic inflammation is linked to numerous health issues, from joint discomfort to more serious conditions. iüLabs products are
    meticulously crafted to include ingredients specifically chosen to combat inflammation, promoting a balanced and harmonious response within your body.

  • Cellular Energy

    Cellular energy is the powerhouse that sustains life at the most fundamental level. To thrive, our cells require optimal energy production. iüLabs formulations focus on supporting and enhancing cellular energy processes. By incorporating scientifically chosen natural compounds, we strive to ensure your cells have the energy they need for peak performance, vitality,
    and overall health.

  • Cellular Resilience

    Resilience is the body's ability to adapt and recover from challenges, be they physical, mental, or environmental. Our products are designed to fortify your body's resilience, providing the support it needs to bounce back from stressors and maintain optimal functionality. This approach reflects our commitment to not just addressing symptoms but enhancing your body's inherent ability to thrive.

  • Neurologic Functions

    The intricate functions of the nervous system play a pivotal role in overall well-being. From cognitive function to emotional balance, neurologic health is paramount. iüLabs formulations include carefully selected ingredients
    to support and optimize neurologic functions. Whether you seek improved cognitive clarity, emotional balance, or overall mental well-being, our products are crafted with your neurological health in mind.

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