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    Why is SoluSmart® important?

    Did you know that traditional supplements struggle to be absorbed efficiently by the body? SoluSmart® changes the game by ensuring you get more of what your body truly needs. With SoluSmart®, experience up to 20 times higher gut absorption and bioavailability of plant-based compounds compared to standard supplements.

  • SoluSmart vesicles being activated by shaking a bottle with orange liquid

    How does SoluSmart® work?

    When you shake our drinks, something magical happens. Millions of tiny multi-lamellar vesicles that resemble cell membranes form on the spot. These vesicles act like microscopic taxis, encapsulating bioactive compounds and ferrying them through your gut wall, straight to your bloodstream and cells.

  • Flask containing 100% natural orange liquid without toxines or additive

    How is SoluSmart® different?

    SoluSmart® isn't just another liposomal absorption technology—it's superior. Unlike single-layered liposomes, our multi-layered vesicles can accommodate more ingredients, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Plus, while conventional liposomes rely on additives and stabilisers, SoluSmart® is crafted from natural, non-toxic ingredients for a purer experience.

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Watch how SoluSmart® makes a difference...

What are the benefits of SoluSmart®?

  • Unlocks the full potential of natural ingredients for a profound impact on your health.
  • Achieves up to 5-20 times higher gut absorption and bioavailability than standard supplements.
  • Instantly creates millions of multi-laminar vesicles when shaken, delivering more goodness to your cells.
  • No need for artificial preservatives—our ingredients activate when shaken, extending shelf life without refrigeration.
  • Concentrates multiple ingredients into one convenient solute mix, eliminating the hassle of bulky capsules.
  • 1. Multilamellar Vesicles

    By shaking the bottle you create millions of multilamellar vesicles microscopic tiny bubbles constructed from the same material as your cell membranes and loaded with bioactive ingredients.

  • 2. Gut Absorption

    Multilamellar vesicles are
    structurally identical to cell membranes That means your system recognizes them and allows more through the gut’s membranes and into your system.

  • 3. Target Cell Fusion

    Having been well absorbed, the
    multilamellar vesicles travel to your cells. Again, they can fuse directly with human cell membranes, as they are structurally identical.

  • 4. Efficiency

    SoluSmart® formulations ensure the absorption of bioactive natural plant compounds into your cells for the maximum benefit to you.

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What is supplement effectiveness?

Powerful bioactive plant compounds

At the heart of our supplements are premium bioactive ingredients, carefully selected from nature's finest plants. These ingredients are not just natural; they're potent allies in health, renowned for their anti-inflammatory and immune-bolstering benefits, grounded in rigorous research (Russell and Duthie, 2011). By incorporating these powerful compounds into our supplements, we're committed to not only promising but also delivering a marked improvement in your overall health.

Graphic to show the rate of absorption in the gut celluar walls, taking tablets, to the stomach and the intestine

Poor bioavailability

Yet, navigating the path to harnessing these health benefits fully brings us face-to-face with a hurdle: the limited oral bioavailability of these bioactive compounds. Let's break down what this means. Bioavailability is essentially how much and how quickly your body can absorb and use the good stuff—whether that's a nutrient, a supplement ingredient, or a medication—to its advantage, right where it's needed. There's a bit of a myth that our bodies soak up every bit of the plant compounds we consume. The truth, however, is more complex. In fact, a significant portion of the bioactive ingredients we take in—somewhere between 75% to 99%—doesn't get absorbed as we might hope. This means that despite their powerful potential, the actual impact of these ingredients on our health can be less than optimal (Stromsnes et al. 2021).

Water solubility as a limiting factor

A key obstacle to maximizing the benefits of natural plant compounds is their water solubility—or more accurately, the lack thereof. For these beneficial compounds to be absorbed in our digestive system, they must be soluble in water. This presents a significant challenge, as many of these compounds struggle to dissolve, hindering their ability to fully contribute to our health (Gao and Hu, 2010).

Take curcumin, for example. Despite its wide range of health-promoting properties and potent biological activity, its water solubility is exceptionally low (only 0.6μg/ml). This leads to poor absorption, quick metabolism, and fast elimination from our bodies, resulting in minimal curcumin levels in the bloodstream, even after consuming large amounts. Consequently, its potential to benefit our health is greatly reduced (Tabanelli et al., 2021). To visualize the impact of water solubility on curcumin’s effectiveness, check out the accompanying video, which compares its solubility with and without SoluSmart®.

Without an innovative solution to enhance solubility, the true power of the ingredients in your supplement might remain untapped, leaving you with less than what you need for optimal health benefits.

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What is the solution? SoluSmart®

Why exactly is SoluSmart® the solution to supplement efficacy?

SoluSmart® revolutionizes how your body absorbs the good stuff, leveraging 100% natural plant lipids to craft multilamellar vesicles—think of them as tiny taxis that ferry nutrients right through the intestinal barrier and into your bloodstream.

What truly distinguishes SoluSmart® is its innovative delivery system. The bioactive compounds are presented in a liquid form, known as SoluSmart® concentrate, ready to be activated just when you need them.

How? Simply by adding water and giving it a shake. This action kick-starts the creation of countless multilamellar vesicles, tiny bubble-like structures made of materials similar to our cell membranes (as detailed by Akbarzadeh et al., 2013).

These vesicles are then perfectly positioned to transport the bioactive ingredients efficiently to where they're needed most—your organs and cells.

For a closer look at how SoluSmart® works its magic, check out the infographic to your right and/or refer to the animation video at the top of this page.

What are multilamellar vesicles?

Multilamellar vesicles encapsulate plant compounds providing a protective barrier that shields the minuscule plant compound from the challenging environment and absorption barriers within the human gut.

Imagine your body as a highway, with bioactive plant compounds as the travelers. The SoluSmart® technology serves as the crucial distinction between navigating safely by bus and walking barefoot on a bustling motorway. When bioactive plant compounds travel within SoluSmart®, they not only have a significantly improved chance of reaching their destination unharmed, but they reach their destination
in substantially higher quantities, akin to the efficiency of a bus over walking.

SoluSmart® high absorption technology multilamellar vesicle encapsulating plant phytochemical compounds, in comparison to Liposome technology

How SoluSmart® multilamellar vesicles transform nutrient delivery

If you were to look at SoluSmart® multilamellar vesicles under a microscope, you might think they look similar to an onion. That’s because they have numerous layers surrounding their core.

The layers consist of phospholipids, forming a protective barrier that aids plant compounds in reaching the small intestine, the primary site for absorption. Each phospholipid bilayer is semi-permeable to allow water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide to pass through. Simultaneously, this layer acts as a barrier, preventing the entry of potentially harmful substances like stomach acid, enzymes, and free radicals. Thanks to the protective phospholipid layer in SoluSmart® vesicles, these multilamellar vesicles not only safeguard the bioactive compounds but also expedite their absorption. Structurally, they share the same fundamental components as our cell membranes. Owing to these structural resemblances, SoluSmart® vesicles can adhere to the cells lining your gut, facilitating the direct transfer of the loaded plant compounds.

How multilamellar vesicles get through the gut wall

Learn about the gut wall and its sieve-like function...

The final piece of the puzzle to fully understand how SoluSmart® works is the gut wall's sieve-like function.

The gut wall serves as a selective barrier, acting like a sieve to regulate absorption and protect against harmful substances. A significant issue with bioactive plant compounds is their poor water solubility, which impedes their effective dissolution in the intestine, causing them to clump together instead of being absorbed (Gao and Hu, 2010). This scenario is akin to trying to pass coarse gravel through a fine sieve, where most particles simply don't make it through.

SoluSmart® tackles this challenge head-on by wrapping these plant compounds in tiny vesicles, turning them into a form that resembles fine sand rather than gravel. This change allows them to mix better with intestinal fluids, facilitating smooth passage through the gut wall's sieve-like structure. Once they clear this hurdle, the vesicle-encapsulated compounds enter the lymphatic system before making their way into the bloodstream, ready for absorption and use by the body. By ensuring the compounds are in a form that the body can more easily absorb, SoluSmart® significantly boosts their bioavailability and therapeutic impact, making the most of their health-promoting properties.

What difference does it make for you?

iüLabs drinks are 5 – 20 times more bioavailable (depending on the natural substances we’re activating). So, you get a powerful hit of super-pure ingredients right into your system every time you use an iüLabs product.

Using our expertise in molecular science, we ensure iüLabs products contain the right amount of each ingredient – neither too low, nor too high. Too little or too much of an ingredient can limit the effectiveness of the entire product.

If you’re the type of person who reads ingredients lists (always a good idea, in our view), you’ll see we often use relatively low dosage amounts compared to many standard supplements. This is because we want to achieve an optimal balance and exactly the right combined effect from our ingredients, for the maximum benefit to you.