FAQs: Your Frequently Asked Questions

We always welcome feedback and inquiries from our valued customers. Here, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions for your convenience.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at hello(at)iulabs.co, or through our contact form. Our team is here to assist you.

About iüLabs products

What sets iüLabs products apart from other dietary supplements?

At iüLabs, we believe that many dietary supplement companies don't deliver on their promises.

Our products differentiate themselves from others in four key ways:

  1. Scientific Foundation
  2. Ingredient Quality
  3. High Bioavailability
  4. Ease of Use

Firstly, the iüLabs team of top-notch scientists has decades of experience in addressing health issues, unlike other supplement companies. This specialised expertise is crucial in addressing critical questions like:

  • How can we best support the complex human metabolism
  • What are the right dosages and combinations of active ingredients to achieve the desired results?

As a result, you receive a unique, expert-developed drink specifically designed to help balance certain health needs.

Secondly, we only use ingredients that meet the highest standards and undergo constant quality control. We apply our decades of scientific expertise to this process. Additionally, we analyse all our raw ingredient materials and finished products for purity, as well as test them for pesticides, herbicides, and other potential contaminants.

When the raw materials arrive at our facilities, our processes and ingredients are fully monitored and documented. The iüLabs facilities comply with international GMP standards for food and dietary supplements and are independently inspected. This means you can be sure you are getting high-quality ingredients formulated to have a greater impact on your system.

Thirdly, thanks to our patented SoluSmart® technology, you get the full potential of our 100% natural ingredients. SoluSmart® is a completely new, innovative approach to increasing bioavailability and is only available in iüLabs products. Only with the iüLabs drink do you get the full dose and thus maximum effect of the ingredients in your system.

Finally, iüLabs is incredibly easy to use. You activate the ingredients when making your drinks, by shaking vigorously for 15 seconds, so it is fresh when you take it. It is easy to consume the iüLabs drink, and you can digest it much better than some tablets burdened with carriers. It stores well and does not require refrigeration, which makes it convenient for travel too.

What is SoluSmart® and why is it so important?

SoluSmart® is an innovative solute we add to each iüLabs product.

SoluSmart® significantly increases the amount of natural goodness your body can absorb and use when you have an iü drink. To do this, SoluSmart® uses 100% natural plant lipids to form multilaminar vesicles – tiny taxis that can transport ingredients through the gut wall and into your system. The ingredients within a SoluSmart® concentrate are locked-in; to activate the drink you simply add water and shake. This instantly creates millions of fresh vesicles able to carry ingredients to your organs and cells.

Read more about our groundbreaking SoluSmart® technology here.

Are iüLabs products suitable for everyone?

No single product is suitable for everyone. In general, there is nothing wrong with adults testing iüLabs as long as the recommended daily intake is not exceeded. We recommend giving the products the time they need to take effect. See also "How long does it take to feel the effects of iüLabs products?" above.
Like most dietary supplements, iüLabs products are not suitable for children and adolescents under 18 years of age, as well as for pregnant and nursing women. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor.

Isn't consuming a supplement drink more complex than taking a tablet?

It might appear simpler on the surface. However, there's a specific reason why all instructions recommend taking supplements with a generous amount of water. This practice aids in the digestion and enhanced absorption of the ingredients.

iüLabs drinks stand apart from other supplements. The real magic happens when you shake your drink, activating our unique SoluSmart® absorption technology, for maximum bioavailability and absorption.

How long does it take to feel the effects of iüLabs products?

The answer varies as much as we humans do. Also, different products work differently. We recommend giving iüLabs products the time they need to take effect.

For example, with iüMove – joint health support, it takes between 3 to 12 weeks for individuals to notice a difference. It also depends on how well they support iüMove with a healthy lifestyle such as adequate sleep, healthy diet, and regular exercise.

With iüVitalizer – energy boost drink, you are likely to feel an effect almost immediately. However, if you don't feel increased energy within a month, iüVitalizer may not be right for you.

The key to iüProtect – immune health supplement, is daily, consistent intake, especially when you feel your immune system is under pressure. This could be during a particularly busy period, when you're on the go a lot, or in close contact with others (such as public transportation, or events). Many people simply drink iüProtect because they feel it provides their body with the necessary long-term support it needs in a hectic everyday life.

What health problems and needs do iüLabs products target? 

Our initial products support bone, cartilage, and joint health, boost your immune system, and balance your energy levels. 

Additionally, our iüFelix product is available for boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. 

In the background, we are working on more products with the goal of supporting the treatment of a range of other health problems and needs, including chronic diseases. Stay tuned. 

Why are inflammatory processes such an important factor in chronic diseases?

Inflammation is the body's natural first line of defense against infections and injuries. 

Think, for example, of a bee sting, a sore throat, or a sprained ankle. The area is swollen, hot, and sensitive - all visible signs of inflammation. Normally, this inflammation subsides within days or a few weeks as a sign of healing and recovery. 

However, in the case of joint problems and many other diseases, this inflammation can persist and become chronic. In this case, inflammation can destroy joints and cartilage, leading to constant swelling, pain, and functional limitations. Control and reduction of inflammation are therefore crucial factors in restoring and maintaining joint health and coping with the effects of many other chronic problems.

Are iüLabs products natural? 

Yes, everything in and about iüMove, iüProtect, and iüVitalizer is natural. We primarily source ingredients that are recognised as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration and rigorously test each ingredient for purity. Our drinks are "Made in Germany," produced in a facility in Bavaria that adheres to the standards of the international Good Manufacturing Practice certification system. iüLabs drinks do not contain fillers, toxins, gluten, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). You can be confident that you receive the best quality ingredients, nothing more and nothing less.

Are iüLabs products vegan? 

Yes and no. 

iüMove is vegan, iüVitalizer contains traces of lactose, and iüProtect contains Vitamin D, which is derived from sheep's wool. 

Why are iüLabs products more expensive than other dietary supplements?

Quite simply because our unique SoluSmart® absorption technology has a substantially greater effect. Conventional dietary supplements - especially powdered capsules and tablets - contain inferior ingredients and many fillers. Regardless of their quality, the ingredients in conventional supplements are not absorbed by your body, as they are perceived as foreign substances and excreted without entering the bloodstream. The logical conclusion is: little or no nutrients in the blood mean little to no effect.

In other words, you might as well flush your money down the toilet. It's much more worthwhile to invest in our unique bioavailability enhancer "SoluSmart®. It has a price due to its highly complex production process, as it ensures that you get the full dose of high-purity ingredients directly into your bloodstream and cells, where their effects can ultimately unfold. For more information on how SoluSmart® works, click here.

Is iüLabs a start-up?

We are a start-up, but we have a long history in the fields of science and health.
We are part of Athenion, an established group of companies in the health, pharmaceutical, and lifestyle sectors. Athenion is privately owned by its founders, all of whom are committed to promoting the health and well-being of people through a scientifically sound, holistic approach.
Within the Athenion group, iüLabs specialises in translating sound scientific and medical knowledge into ways to maximize the effectiveness of natural dietary supplements. We operate as a start-up but can draw on the operational and substantive expertise of our parent companies whenever necessary.

How to take?

Why do I need to shake my iüLabs drink?

Shaking your iüLabs drink is essential because it activates our unique SoluSmart® absorption technology. Stirring alone won't achieve the desired effect, as a specific amount of energy is required to work the magic. When you shake the drink, it instantly creates millions of fresh vesicles that can efficiently transport the ingredients to your organs and cells.

CanI take an iüLabs product together with other medications?

In most cases, this is possible, however, please consult your doctor who understands your medical history.
Here is why. Our products consist of 100% natural ingredients but support your cell functions and energy metabolism. This means that they can accelerate how your body metabolizes and detoxifies medications. It could potentially require an adjustment of your medication dose. So, if you are already taking medications and want to start taking iüLabs, or other dietary supplements, we strongly advise that you discuss this with your doctor. Always consult your doctor beforehand.

Can I combine various iüLabs products?

Put simply: yes, but leave enough time between taking each drink.
In general, the different iüLabs products complement each other in their effects. However, you should take them at different times of the day, i.e., one in the morning, one at noon, or one in the evening. As iüVitalizer contains caffeine, it is typically better to take this in the mornings.
Why? The formulations of our products contain very specific amounts of ingredients in finely balanced combinations to achieve a specific health goal, such as supporting joints, the immune system, or your energy balance. Increasing the total dose, by taking multiple products simultaneously, could potentially reduce the overall effect for you.

What is the limit for combining different iüLabs drinks in one day?

We recommend combining a maximum of two different iüLabs drinks at once. You should take them at different times of the day, i.e., one in the morning, one at noon, or one in the evening.


How important is sustainability for iüLabs?

Sustainability is very important to us. Currently, we are renewing our product packaging to eliminate plastic from our supply chain. Our plan is to provide subscribers with plastic-free refill packs and reusable glass bottles that can be refilled.
See also: "Why are your tubes made of plastic?” in the FAQs.

Why are your tubes made of plastic?

Packaging iüLabs products poses a unique challenge due to the high viscosity of the
solute. We ourselves are not satisfied with our plastic packaging and the tubes are only a temporary solution. We are working very hard to find a sustainable solution that ensures product safety and ease of use. For product safety and hygiene reasons, it is important thatthe iüLabs drink solution does not oxidize after leaving the factory, or on itsway to you. At the same time, the drink must be easy to dispense. In this context, the tubes are currently our best option, but not the final solution in terms of sustainability.

Why do iüLabs products contain palm oil?

At iüLabs, we're committed to creating supplements that are not only effective but also safe and sustainable. That's why we've chosen to use sustainably sourced palm oil in our products. It plays a crucial role in our SoluSmart® absorption technology, enabling us to harness the power of beneficial secondary plant compounds in a way that your body can effectively absorb them.

We understand the concerns around palm oil, but it's important to share that it allows us to avoid adding any other toxins or stabilizers typically required in supplements using liposomal encapsulation technology. After extensive research, we've yet to find an alternative that matches palm oil's efficacy without compromising on safety or environmental integrity.

Rest assured, palm oil constitutes only a minor fraction of the fats in our products, with coconut oil being the primary source. In every choice we make, from ingredient selection to production processes, we prioritize sustainability and your health. We're always on the lookout for innovative solutions that align with these values, and we welcome your insights and experiences as part of the iüLabs community. Together, let's navigate the path to wellness with clarity, care, and a commitment to the planet


How quickly does iüLabs ship my order in the UK?

We usually dispatch your order within 3 to 4 business days via Royal Mail standard shipping. With this service, you can expect your delivery within 48 hours once it has been dispatched. To some areas in the UK, it may take a bit longer occasionally due to factors such as location and seasonal demand. In rare cases, during busy periods like the Christmas season, there may be slight delays. Please rest assured that we do our best to get your iüLabs products to you as swiftly as possible.

Does iüLabs offer free shipping?

For orders over £75 we are pleased to offer free shipping, which applies to both one-off and subscription orders. To qualify for free shipping, your order or subscription must exceed £75. Please note that as a relatively small company embarking on an exciting journey, we may not be able to match the free shipping capabilities of larger eCommerce providers for all orders.

What does iüLabs charge for shipping?

We charge £5 per package within the UK for single-off orders under £75. However, for our monthly subscribers, shipping is complimentary, making it an added benefit of subscribing to our products.


Can I cancel my subscription, and what is the notice period to consider?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time through your account area here on the website. Once an order has been placed and you have received a confirmation email, you cannot stop the order, but you can cancel it for the next delivery.

Does my subscription renew automatically?

Yes, your subscription renews automatically and requires a cancellation notice 3 days before the next delivery date. You can easily manage your subscription in your account. You can skip a delivery, pause it for longer, or cancel it altogether.

What benefits does an iüLabs subscription offer me?

You receive your favorite iüLabs product regularly delivered directly to your home and save 20% with each delivery. Furthermore, we ensure the permanent availability of your favorite products.

Can I apply vouchers to my subscription?

Your subscription is already discounted. Therefore, any discounts will apply only to the first order of your subscription.

Returns & Refunds

Do I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with iüLabs?

iüLabs offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you do not notice a difference within 30 days of correctly and regularly taking iüLabs products, we will refund 100% of the purchase price. No ifs or buts!

How long is the money-back guarantee valid?

The money-back guarantee is valid for 30 days from the purchase of your iüLabs product.

When and how much money will iüLabs refund me?

If you do not notice a difference within 30 days of correctly and regularly taking iüLabs products, we will refund 100% of the purchase price.

Are shipping costs refunded?

Shipping costs are not refunded, as the service of delivering the product to you has also been provided. Moreover, there are no return shipping costs since you are allowed to keep the opened packaging in the case of a money-back guarantee.

About iüVitalizer

When and how often should I take iüVitalizer?

You should take iüVitalizer once a day, preferably in the morning. It's important to note that occasionally taking two iüVitalizer drinks in a day is unlikely to be harmful, but we do not recommend making this a regular practice. Stick to the recommended daily dosage for optimal results.

How long does it take to feel the effects of iüVitalizer?

With iüVitalizer – the energy boost drink, you are likely to experience an almost immediate increase in energy. It's worth mentioning that beyond the immediate energy boost, many individuals also report experiencing long-term benefits with iüVitalizer, contributing to their overall sense of well-being and vitality.However, if you don't notice any difference within a month, iüVitalizer may not be the ideal choice for you.

Can I consume iüVitalizer if I am sensitive to caffeine?

Caffeine serves as an effective natural energy enhancer in iüVitalizer. However, we understand that caffeine sensitivity varies among individuals. If you are sensitive to caffeine, we recommend starting with a modified approach. Try combining half of the powder sachet (which contains caffeine) with a full solute tube to reduce your caffeine intake while still benefiting from the other ingredients in iüVitalizer. This adjusted approach may better suit your preferences and tolerance.

About iüMove

When and how often should I take iüMove?

You should take iüMove once daily, preferably in the morning.

How long does it take to feel the effects of iüMove?

With iüMove – joint health support, it takesbetween 3 to 12 weeks for individuals to notice a difference. It also dependson how well they support iüMove with a healthy lifestyle such as adequatesleep, healthy diet, and regular exercise.

There are hundreds of affordable joint health products - what makes iüMove better?

In short, with iüMove, you get more value for your money than with conventional tablets, capsules, or liposome-based dietary supplements. Thanks to our SoluSmart® technology, taking iüMove delivers more active ingredients to your body's cells, where they can reach their full potential.
It's true that there are countless joint health supplements on the market. However, we believe that, like many supplements, they often don't deliver on their promises.
The formula for iüMove was developed not only by scientists and doctors over many years, but it is also a product made up of a variety of ingredients with countless scientific studies and indications of their positive effects on our complex body system. These ingredients are not only balanced based on decades of experience - not too much and not too little ("hormesis") - their dosages are also coordinated so that the individual ingredients complement each other perfectly ("synergistic effect").
The most important argument for the superiority of iüMove is that it is the only joint health supplement that contains our patented SoluSmart® technology. This requires additional high-quality and unfortunately not always cheap ingredients.

About iüProtect

When and how often should I take iüProtect?

You should take iüProtect once daily, preferably in the morning. We recommend taking it proactively during flu season, when traveling, or during periods of high immune stress.

How long does it take to feel the effects of iüProtect?

Measuring the exact effectiveness of a supplement supporting the immune system can be challenging because it's difficult to definitively prove that you didn't catch a particular flu or illness. However, based on our own observations and customer feedback, clients often report a significant improvement in their overall well-being after taking iüProtect. While individual experiences may vary, many users notice positive effects relatively soon after incorporating it into their daily routine.

The key to iüProtect is daily, consistent intake, especially when you feel your immune system is under pressure. This could be during a particularly busy period, when you're on the go a lot, or in close contact with others (such as public transportation, or events).

Is quinine a safe ingredient?

In general, quinine in low doses is considered safe.
Examples of low doses include amounts used in foods (such as tonic water, etc.). iüProtect contains 40 mg of quinine per serving. This is equivalent to the amount of quinine in about 600 ml of tonic water. These low doses must be distinguished from much higher therapeutic doses ranging from 500 to 1000 mg. At these high therapeutic doses, quinine can cause side effects such as headaches, dizziness, diarrhea, skin rashes, and heart rhythm disturbances.
People taking quinine as medication should avoid iüProtect or other products (e.g., tonic water, etc.) that contain quinine. Pregnant women, children, or people allergic to quinine should not take iüProtect. If you have any concerns please consult your doctor.

Why doesn't iüProtect contain Vitamin C?

A very good question. Vitamin C is known to be beneficial for the immune system. However, unlike the other ingredients in iüProtect, it is very easy to obtain enough Vitamin C through a regular diet. Additionally, Vitamin C is water-soluble, so it doesn't require the support of SoluSmart® to be absorbed by the body. This is not the case for Vitamin D, which is also included in iüProtect. Vitamin D deficiency is a very common phenomenon in our countries with long, sunless winters, unlike Vitamin C.

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