iüLabs, Caryle Jenkins, lifestyle medicine practitioner, smiling at the camera

"At iüLabs we know that living with chronic pain...

can be both overwhelming and challenging to manage. It can feel like there is nothing you can do, but from my experience both personally and as a lifestyle medicine practitioner, this is not the case.

Pain affects anywhere between 10-45% of the population (just under 28 million adults), but not everyone knows what to do, or how to feel better from day to day. Whether it is joint problems, back pain, or an injury that has led to joint pain.

My hope is this guide will give you a new insight into pain and perhaps a way forward that works with your body and mind. Managing your inflammation naturally, and using the resources in this guide will help you to help yourself back to health.” – Carlyle Jenkins, Chiropractor and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

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