Woman wearing a white pyjama shirt, waking up in a white bed, looking uncomfortable due to the heat

Is the Heat is Disrupting Your Sleep? Dr Wolfgang’s 4 Top Tips for the Heat

Dr Wolfgang’s Top 4 Tips for the Heat

1. Drink plenty and preferably hot drinks

In hot conditions, we tend to dehydrate through perspiration – which also aids in keeping us cool. It’s important to replenish these lost liquids by drinking water or other – preferably non sweetened – drinks.

In hot, dry conditions, hot drinks cool better than cooled/iced drinks(1).

This may be somewhat counter-intuitive, but desert people have long known this. If invited to a desert tent, you will be most certainly offered hot tea instead of an ice-cold soft drink.

Recommended: a light green tea or herbal teas with a squeeze of lemon.

2. Keep surroundings as cool as possible

Close shades or curtains on windows. Even if you are not exposed to direct sunlight, light entering through windows has a greenhouse effect and adds to temperatures inside. Use early morning hours to let in cooler, fresh air – then close windows and shades.

3. Make a personal body-cooler

An easy and effective way to stay cool is to soak a small towel in water, wring it damp and put it around your neck. The water evaporates and produces evaporation cooling, which in turn cools the blood that passes through the large veins in the neck. That can help to cool the entire body.

4. Clothe lightly with wide, airy garments

This is important to allow the body to shed-off excess heat by perspiration and conduction. A light breeze directly on the skin (something wide, light loose clothing permits) can do wonders of keeping the body at a comfortable temperature. Note this is also very important for tip No.1, consuming hot drinks, which promote the cooling via perspiration and evaporation cooling.

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Wolfgang is the co-founder, and Chief Scientific and Medical Advisor, of iüLabs with over 30 years of experience in the development of innovative drugs and nutritional supplements. Wolfgang brings a strong scientific and innovation background along with medical expertise to the company. In the last 15 years, he has focused R&D around healthy ageing, inflammation, and enhancing physical and mental performance. He is the co-inventor of 26 patents.
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