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6 Must Have Hacks for Endless Energy at Christmas

6 Tips to Maintaining Your Energy All Christmas Long

Christmas season has begun and despite it being a joyful season, it can also be demanding too. Whether it is preparing your home and decorating, sorting gifts and food for the big day, attending Christmas parties, and more... managing our energy becomes a challenge amidst the excitement of the weeks ahead.

We understand the struggles of maintaining high spirits and energy during this bustling time of year. Here’s 6 Tips to help, plus there’s 20% off all iüLabs supplements until the end of the year if you purchase with us for a second time before the 31st of December and sign up to our newsletters (it’s only available to current customers in this way, to show our appreciation!)

Try Light Therapy

Exposure to light influences our circadian rhythm, the body's internal clock regulating sleep-wake cycles. Light therapy works by stimulating photoreceptors in the retina, which then send signals to the brain's hypothalamus, responsible for controlling various bodily functions, including sleep and mood. This stimulation suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone that induces sleepiness, while boosting serotonin levels, contributing to increased alertness and improved mood regulation.

By effectively adjusting your body's response to light through therapy lamps, you synchronise your internal clock, thereby optimising energy levels and combating the lethargy often associated with seasonal changes. Give it a try, perhaps you could even ask for a SAD lamp for Christmas a little earlier than the big day!

Prioritise Mindfulness

Mindfulness practices trigger the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, inducing the relaxation response. This response counteracts the effects of the sympathetic nervous system, responsible for the body's stress response. Engaging in mindfulness activities, such as meditation or deep breathing exercises, decreases the production of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

Additionally, these practices increase activity in brain regions associated with attention and emotional regulation, leading to improved cognitive function and sustained energy levels during the demanding holiday season. It might be hard to find quiet in the chaos, but even a short walk around the block, or around your garden wrapped up warm for ten minutes might be better than nothing at all

Incorporate Adaptogens

Adaptogens exert their beneficial effects by modulating the body's stress response system, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. They regulate the release and sensitivity of stress hormones, enabling the body to adapt more efficiently to stressors.

Research indicates that adaptogens exhibit neuroprotective properties, supporting brain health and cognitive function during periods of stress. By enhancing the body's resilience to stress, adaptogens like Rhodiola Rosea or Ashwagandha offer a scientifically backed method to maintain energy levels and mitigate the adverse effects of stress commonly experienced during the holiday hustle.

We have plenty of adaptogens in our supplements, including in our fatigue and energy supplement drink iüVitalizer.

Stay Hydrated

Water plays a pivotal role in various physiological functions, including maintaining blood volume, transporting nutrients, and regulating body temperature. Dehydration can lead to reduced blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain, causing fatigue and decreased cognitive performance.

Moreover, studies suggest that even mild dehydration can significantly impact mood and energy levels. Consuming adequate water throughout the day not only prevents dehydration but also supports optimal bodily functions, ensuring sustained energy levels required to navigate through the festive celebrations.

It may seem hard to do when there are other festive tipples available, but try to keep some H2O to hand if you can!

Don’t Forget Nutrition

Balanced nutrition influences energy production at the cellular level. Nutrient-rich foods, particularly those high in complex carbohydrates, provide a steady release of glucose, the body's primary energy source. These foods also contain vitamins and minerals crucial for the function of enzymes involved in energy metabolism.

Consuming a well-rounded diet during the holidays helps maintain stable blood sugar levels, preventing energy crashes often associated with consuming sugary or high-fat foods. By prioritising nutritious options, you sustain energy levels and promote overall well-being throughout the festive season.

Prioritise Rest

Quality sleep facilitates various physiological processes essential for energy restoration and overall health. During sleep, the brain consolidates memories, clears waste products, and regulates hormone levels.

The sleep cycle comprises different stages, including rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM sleep, each playing a crucial role in physical restoration and cognitive functioning. Additionally, strategic napping benefits memory consolidation, enhances alertness, and counteracts the effects of sleep deprivation. By ensuring adequate and quality rest, both through regular sleep patterns and tactical napping, you optimise your body's ability to recharge, supporting sustained energy levels amid holiday festivities.

You could even time your sleep with a Christmas film you have already seen twenty times before, so you don’t feel like you are missing out on any activities.

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