Next-generation supplement drink

  • SoluSmart® high absorption technology multilamellar vesicle encapsulating plant phytochemical compounds, in comparison to Liposome technology

    Maximum loading capacity

    Unlike conventional absorption methods, SoluSmart® harnesses the power of freshly formed multilamellar vesicles to get more of what is good for you into your body.

  • SoluSmart® high absorption technology multulaminar vesicle encapsulating plant phytochemical compounds being delivered into the gut wall

    Improved gut absorption

    Multilamellar vesicles mimic the structure of human cell membranes and are more readily recognised by the body, leading to enhanced absorption through the gut wall.

  • SoluSmart® high absorption technology graph compared with conventional supplements in relation to the blood concentration and time take for the absorption

    Feel the difference

    As a result, more powerful active substances effortlessly flow into your bloodstream, delivering their transformative benefits to every cell of your body.

  • iüLabs water bottle drink graphic design icon in black and white

    One drink daily

    Easy to prepare on the go. Fill a water bottle, add your iüLabs solute, and shake

  • iüLabs supplement absorption graphic design icon in black and white

    Unmet bioavailability

    Thanks to SoluSmart®, your body absorbs significantly more bioactive ingredients.

  • iüLabs laboratory bottles and containers graphic design icon in black and white

    Powerful blends

    Targeting inflammation, oxidative stress, cellular energy and neuro- biologic metabolism.

  • iüLabs droplets of water and nutrients graphic design icon in black and white

    Precise formulas

    Scientifically based recipes formulated with specific compounds, in the right dosages, for maximum effects.

  • iüLabs plant leaves and roots graphic design icon in black and white

    Supercharged botanicals

    100% plant-based. 100% science-backed. 100% potent

  • iüLabs love and support donation charity graphic design icon in black and white

    Social responsibility

    With the purchase of our iüLabs products, you support children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

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Innovative science-driven supplement drinks

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Human body graphic of 4 different impacts of iüLabs supplements on the body: antioxidative, neurologic, anti-inflammatory, and cellular energy

30+ ingredients to address key metabolic processes

At iüLabs, we understand that the human body is a marvellously intricate system, where numerous factors and processes interconnect to maintain overall health and balance. Unlike some products that claim to offer quick and easy solutions, we steer clear of oversimplified fixes.

Through extensive research, scientific expertise, and a deep understanding of the body’s intricate workings, we create supplements that offer targeted and effective support. Our multi-combinatorial approach considers a diverse range of scientifically proven plant compounds, strategically combining them to optimise the desired outcome.

With all of our drinks, we prioritise antioxidative and anti-inflammatory metabolism, neurologic performance, and cellular energy.

Developed by scientists with 30+ years of clinical experience

Meet Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, Co-founder and Chief Scientific and Medical Advisor of iüLabs. With a rich background in medicine, Wolfgang studied at Goettingen, Germany, and Cambridge, UK, before embarking on a research journey that led him to the prestigious Max-Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry.

Over the past 30+ years, he has gained extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, specialising in the development of ground-breaking drugs and nutritional supplements.

He is the co-inventor of 26 patents with R&D focused around healthy aging, inflammation, and enhancing physical and mental performance. Wolfgang is at the forefront of crafting every iüLabs supplement formula.

iüLabs supplement drinks and water bottle, iüMove joint health supplement, iüVitalizer energy boost supplement, iüProtect immune health supplement

iüLabs' SoluSmart® technology maximises formulation impact

At iüLabs, we use a new activation technology called SoluSmart® to multiply the impact of the super-pure ingredients in our drinks – starting with products for joint healthimmune support and energy support.

That means much more of the goodness in our powerful, precise formulations reaches your cells. Our products work and you can feel the benefits.

Science-driven supplement drinks

Graphic icon of a joint in orange, light orange, and black for joint health supplement iüMove

iüMove – a radical new approach to joint health

iüMove is an innovative supplement drink designed for anyone who experiences pain, stiffness and mobility problems in their joints.The drink contains an optimal combination of super- powerful natural ingredients packed with anti-inflammatory, antioxidative and energy-supporting compounds.

iüMove – learn more
Graphic icon of a human body in red, light red, and black for immune health supplement iüProtect

iüProtect – powerful support for your immune system

iüProtect is an innovative supplement drink that helps your immune system meet the challenges it faces each day – including colds and other viruses. Our drink delivers a highly bioavailable, science-led blend of antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and energy-system supporting ingredients  deep into your system.

iüProtect – learn more
Graphic icon of a brain neural pathway in blue, light blue, and black for energy boost supplement iüVitalizer

iüVitalizer – strong and sustained energy support

iüVitalizer is an innovative 100% natural supplement drink that gives you  sustained and balanced energy through the day, enhancing your endurance and mental clarity – with no crash. Formulated with extraordinary precision, the drink’s unique combination of 30+ compounds supports your metabolic, nervous and energy systems.

iüVitalizer – learn more

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