What is iüLabs for Professionals?

Here, you can read about who we are, what we offer – including our ground breaking bioavailability technology Solusmart – and how we can work together to support your patients.

Our aim is to enable you to recommend the right iüLabs product to your patients who need it most. It is essential to us to work with carefully selected, committed and engaged healthcare practitioners.

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Introducing Regenerus

Regenerus provides simple, easy access to world-leading laboratories that deliver the broadest range of wellness focussed products and diagnostic testing services, for health professionals and patients across the UK and around the world.

We have partnered with Regenerus to provide a trusted place for practitioners and their patients to access iüLabs products.

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iüLabs Trade Partner & Distributor

“Upon hearing iüLab’s story and learning about their unique SoluSmart technology, I quickly recognised them to be an exciting partner. And I am very proud to be iüLab’s first UK distributor.

As iüLabs is a new brand and product, my clinical team were firm for the need for robust clinical assurance, and iüLabs have been extremely co-operative and thorough in responding to this.”

Justin Price, Founder, Regenerus Labs

What's so different about the iüLabs team?

Our science team is lead by Wolfgang Brysch MD PhD.

Wolfgang studied medicine in Goettingen, Germany and Cambridge, UK. He started his research career in basic neurobiology and cancer at the Max-Planck Institute. He then moved into the pharma and biotech industry. In the last 15 years, Wolfgang has focused his R&D around healthy ageing, inflammation, and enhancing physical and mental performance. He is the co-inventor of 26 patents.

Our core team also includes physician and surgeon Bob McDonald MD, and lifestyle medicine practitioner and chiropractor Carlyle Jenkins.

Learn more about our people, products and mission in this short video.

Our launch products

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Designed for anyone who experiences pain, stiffness and mobility problems in their joints. We formulate the drink to target inflammation and oxidative stress in joints and support overall health and wellbeing – helping the patient’s system repair and thrive.

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Helps the immune system meet the challenges it faces each day – including colds and other viruses. The drink delivers a highly bioavailable, science-led blend of antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and energy-system supporting ingredients  deep into the system.



Provides sustained and balanced energy through the day, enhancing endurance and mental clarity – with no crash. Formulated with extraordinary precision, the drink’s unique combination of 30+ compounds supports the metabolic, nervous and energy systems.

Our approach

First, we design the optimum blend of natural ingredients for a condition or need. Then we source, test and mix precisely the right ingredients, applying rigorous scientific processes at every point.

Into each formula we add our 100% natural SoluSmart® technology, which is lab-developed by and unique to us. Using multilaminar vesicles – a tiny natural delivery system – SoluSmart® increases the bioavailability of the ingredients in our drinks, enabling the body to absorb and use more of their combined benefits. The customer just adds water or juice, then shakes the blend by hand to activate the ingredients.

Our drinks are between five and 20 times more bioavailable (depending on the natural substances we’re activating).

Our products beneficially affect four key physiologic processes:

  • Inflammation
  • Cellular energy systems (mitochondria)
  • Oxidative stress/degenerative (muscle, bones, organ tissues, brain)
  • Neurologic systems (pain, stress, anxiety, mood)

Shake the science with Solusmart

solusmart healthy cell process inside body animation
solusmart healthy cell process

Why is bioavailability important?
Around the world, millions of supplements are taken each day but much of the nutritional value within the ingredients can’t be absorbed in the gut. All that goodness simply passes through your body and is flushed away. That means your system isn’t getting the support it needs.

Why are bioactive ingredients sometimes difficult to absorb?
High-quality active ingredients don’t always dissolve easily in water. Unless your supplement has a way of overcoming this, you’re not going to get the full benefits of the ingredients you’re taking. Sometimes supplement makers try to compensate by adding oil, but only limited amounts of an oil will enter your bloodstream and reach your cells, where it’s needed.

solusmart technology

So, what’s different about SoluSmart®?
SoluSmart® uses 100% natural plant lipids to form multilaminar vesicles – tiny taxis that can transport ingredients through the gut wall and into your system. The ingredients within a SoluSmart® concentrate are locked-in; to activate the drink you simply add water and shake. This instantly creates millions of fresh vesicles able to carry ingredients to your organs and cells.

How are the multilaminar vesicles in SoluSmart® able to do this?
These vesicles are much more structurally similar to cell membranes than the micelles or liposomes used in many other supplements. That means your system recognises them and allows more through the gut’s membranes and into your system.

solusmart technology results
solusmart effectiveness results graph

What difference does this all make for me?
Our drinks are 5 – 20 times more bioavailable (depending on the natural substances we’re activating). So, you get a powerful hit of super-pure ingredients right into your system every time you use an iüLabs product.

Any other benefits of SoluSmart®?
This technology means you don’t have to keep your iüLabs drink in a fridge (and we don’t need to add artificial preservatives to keep it ‘fresh’).