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Exceptional customer feedback

Carlyle Jenkins, iüLabs testimonial, customer review

I haven't seen anything been able to do what this technology can do.

Lucy, iüMove testimonial, customer review

Taking iüMove, it really is like a very heavy blanket has been tossed.

Christiane S., iüMove testimonial, customer review

Like many older people, I find it increasingly difficult to stay mobile. ... After a four-week course of treatment with iüMove, I felt increasingly better and am now able to do gymnastics regularly again.

Annabelle, iüLabs, testimonial, customer review

The level of energy and feeling of health and clarity is far beyond anything I’ve felt before. I am a total convert, and will continue taking iüProtect to support my immune system and overall health.

Caro T., iüLabs, testimonial, customer reveiw

A friend recommended iüProtect to me. Despite several waves of flu at the office, it hasn’t hit me yet this year. No more winter (and beyond) without it!

iüMove testimonial Tony Underwood

"You look back on where you were three or four months ago and say, you know, that's not affecting me like it used to be."

Mark Beaumont, iüLabs, testimonial

"Having tried various daily supplements over the years to balance my diet, this is the first one I have stuck with and with which I’ve seen a marked positive impact."

Tim Rich, iüLabs, testimonial

"I used to regularly get cold symptoms and issues with inflammation. [...] iüProtect has made my system much more resilient. I take it every day, without fail."

iüLabs – our passion and purpose

In our experience, conventional supplements and nutraceuticals promise much but deliver little – especially in the critical areas of oxidative stress, inflammation and the body’s energy system, which are fundamental to health.

Working closely with our customers and with practitioners, we’re here to offer new and better options.

Our priority is to develop and provide truly innovative, science-driven natural products and support, always inspired by people’s real health needs and aspirations.

We’re using the insights we gain to create products that can make a difference for millions of people, starting with joint health, immune support and energy support.

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How iüLabs began ...

Ali and felix iuLabs product story

It all started with Felix...

In 2014 Felix was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic disease that causes severe muscle weakness and wasting.

What few treatments there are provide limited benefits and often come with side effects. But Felix’s parents – Robyn and Alasdair – joined a fast-growing movement of Duchenne parents doing everything possible to find a better, faster option.

bob mcdonald from iulabs

A growing movement...

That movement included eminent American physician Dr Bob McDonald, whose son Mark has Duchenne.

Meanwhile, in Germany, Dr Wolfgang Brysch was finding ways to significantly increase the bioavailability of natural ingredients, potentially magnifying their health benefits (later named SoluSmart®). The nutraceuticals that resulted could be made available much faster than new drugs.

Introduced to Alasdair and Bob by a mutual contact, Wolfgang was struck by the impact of Duchenne on families and the remarkable determination of parents to help their boys.

wolfgang headshot

Some extraordinary results...

Wolfgang has a pharmaceutical product in development for Duchenne but that could take years to be approved.

So, he and his team went to work, drawing on decades of experience and research in immunology, inflammation, cellular energy and metabolism to develop a nutraceutical option – something that could help enhance quality of life for Duchenne boys right now.

Two years on, the feedback from Duchenne boys and their parents is extremely encouraging. Felix and others taking the drink have more energy and improved mobility, feel more positive and are doing better at school. Before, improvements like these were unheard of.

And, together, we are iüLabs

Inspired by our experiences in Duchenne, we believe our approach may have enormous potential for addressing many different health challenges.

So we’re moving fast to design, test and deliver new products that can make a big difference in peoples’ lives, including a range of chronic conditions. As ever, we are doing this in collaboration with others, including physicians, and patients and their families. Hopefully, also with you.

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Is iüLabs a startup?

We’re a startup but one built on a long history. Read more

We are a new part of Athenion, an established group of companies dedicated to human health and well-being. So, we’re a startup but one built on a long history in science and health.

Within the Athenion group, iüLabs specialises in translating deep scientific and medical expertise into ways to maximise the impact of natural nutritional supplements.

Athenion is privately-owned by its founders, all of whom are committed to advancing human health and well-being through a science-driven holistic approach.

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Which health issues and needs do iüLabs products address?

Our first products are for joint health, immune support and enhanced energy. Read more

Also, our iüFelix product is available for boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

We are now developing a second wave of products that will address a range of other health issues and needs, including chronic conditions.

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What makes an iüLabs product different from other supplements?

In simple terms, it’s about four key elements – design, quality, bioavailability, simplicity. Read more

First, our world-class science team has decades of experience in understanding and addressing health issues, and they apply this when designing our products. So, the creation of each iüLabs product involves deep scientific know-how around critical challenges such as:

• How to support the body’s complex systems

• How to design and deliver the right dosage

• How to achieve the right effect by combining natural ingredients

That means you’re getting a unique drink that has been very precisely designed by experts to give your system the specific support it needs to address your health need.

Second, we only use pure ingredients that pass our very tough tests, then we apply decades of scientific expertise to balance each ingredient in a precise combination. We analyse all of our raw ingredients and final products for purity and check for pesticides, herbicides and other potential contaminants. Once raw materials arrive at our facilities, our processes and ingredients are fully controlled and documented. Our facilities conform to international food and supplement GMP standards and are independently audited by government authorities. That means you know you’re getting the best ingredients, formulated to deliver more impact to your system.

Third, our patented SoluSmart technology unlocks much more of the natural goodness within your drink. This is a radically different approach to increasing bioavailabiliy – no other supplement or nutraceutical is able to use this technology. That means you’re getting more of the beneficial effect from the drink into your system.

Fourth, we pack each unique and powerful iüLabs formulation into one drink. That means it’s easy for you to take, digest and store, and to carry when you travel.



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Do iüLabs products work well for everyone?

No product is right for everyone, but our test results are compelling. Read more

In our experience, many standard supplements promise much but deliver little. We believe our products are much more likely to have an impact for most people, and our ‘early adopter’ testing supports this view. But no one product is right for everyone.

The best approach with any product is to ensure you give it time to take effect – up to 3 months with iüMove, for example – and to support the product by eating, sleeping and moving in the right way. With iüVitalizer – our energy support drink – you are likely to feel an effect pretty much straightaway. If it hasn’t given you a feeling of enhanced energy within one month, it’s probably not right for you.

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Can I take more than one iüLabs product each day?

Different iüLabs products will generally have a complementary effect when taken together Read more

But you should take them at different times of the day – i.e. one in the morning, one at noon or in the evening.

This is because our products are formulated with very precise amounts of ingredients in specific combinations to address a particular health need, such as joint support, immune support or energy support. In some circumstances, increasing the total dose by taking more than one product at exactly the same time could decrease the overall effectiveness for you.

Put simply, yes, but leave plenty of time between drinks.

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Are your products natural?

Everything in iüMove, iüProtect, and iüVitalizer is natural. Read more

We use mainly US Food and Drug Administration GRAS designated ingredients and we rigorously test every ingredient for purity. We prepare the drink in a facility in Germany that conforms to the standards of the international Good Manufacturing Practice certification system. Our drinks contain no fillers, toxins, gluten or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). So, you can be sure you’re getting the best ingredients, in the best way – nothing more, nothing less.

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Where do you source your natural ingredients?

Many of our natural ingredients come from exotic plants around the world. Read more

It’s not always possible to track the exact route of an ingredients from field or forest to our production facilities in Germany. So we analyse our raw ingredients and final products for purity and check for pesticides, herbicides and other potential contaminants.

We only use pure ingredients that pass our tough tests. Once raw materials arrive at our facilities, our processes and ingredients are fully controlled and documented. Our facilities conform to international food and supplement GMP standards and are independently audited by government authorities.

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What is SoluSmart® and why is it so important?

SoluSmart® is an innovative solute we add to each iüLabs product. Read more

SoluSmart® significantly increases the amount of natural goodness your body can absorb and use when you have an iü drink. To do this, SoluSmart® uses 100% natural plant lipids to form multilaminar vesicles – tiny taxis that can transport ingredients through the gut wall and into your system. The ingredients within a SoluSmart® concentrate are locked-in; to activate the drink you simply add water and shake. This instantly creates millions of fresh vesicles able to carry ingredients to your organs and cells.

Read more about our groundbreaking SoluSmart® technology on the product pages.

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