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Overwhelmed by immune health claims?

This season get better prepared with a real scientist.


Exceptional customer feedback

Carlyle Jenkins, iüLabs testimonial, customer review

I haven't seen anything been able to do what this technology can do.

Lucy, iüMove testimonial, customer review

Taking iüMove, it really is like a very heavy blanket has been tossed.

Christiane S., iüMove testimonial, customer review

Like many older people, I find it increasingly difficult to stay mobile. ... After a four-week course of treatment with iüMove, I felt increasingly better and am now able to do gymnastics regularly again.

Annabelle, iüLabs, testimonial, customer review

The level of energy and feeling of health and clarity is far beyond anything I’ve felt before. I am a total convert, and will continue taking iüProtect to support my immune system and overall health.

Caro T., iüLabs, testimonial, customer reveiw

A friend recommended iüProtect to me. Despite several waves of flu at the office, it hasn’t hit me yet this year. No more winter (and beyond) without it!

iüMove testimonial Tony Underwood

"You look back on where you were three or four months ago and say, you know, that's not affecting me like it used to be."

Mark Beaumont, iüLabs, testimonial

"Having tried various daily supplements over the years to balance my diet, this is the first one I have stuck with and with which I’ve seen a marked positive impact."

Tim Rich, iüLabs, testimonial

"I used to regularly get cold symptoms and issues with inflammation. [...] iüProtect has made my system much more resilient. I take it every day, without fail."



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What is the webinar about? Here's what you will learn...

— What the immune system really is, and how it works

— How plant compounds influence your immune system

— Scientifically proven plant ingredients to support your immune system in fighting viruses

— How to get these ingredients into your system effectively

— Why high-absorption matters, and how to get it


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Introducing Your Webinar Host

Dr Wolfgang Brysch MD PhD

Dr Wolfgang’s expertise is unique in that his training as a medical doctor and his career as a scientist have allowed him to both specialise in medical drug development and, in parallel, study the power of secondary plant compounds to support our health.

What you need to know about Dr Wolfgang…


— He is the founder and chief scientific officer at iüLabs and the scientific brain behind all of iüLabs’ supplement drink formulas

— 30 years+ of experience in the development of innovative drugs and nutritional supplements

— Scientific advisor for Covid mediation to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research


— Wolfgang studied medicine in Goettingen, Germany and Cambridge, UK, and began his research career in basic neurobiology and cancer research at the Max-Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry


— In the last 15 years, Wolfgang has focused his R&D around healthy ageing, inflammation, and enhancing physical and mental performance

— He is the co-inventor of 26 patents

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Hear from Dr Wolfgang in this video…

‘I’d like to invite you to a 20-minute iüLabs webinar, where I present recent scientific findings and practical tips for the use of natural compounds to support your immune system. I will introduce you to plants and phytonutrients, which have been proven to increase your immune system’s ability to fend off bacterial and viral infections. This season, be better prepared.”

– Dr Wolfgang Brysch, Chief Scientific Officer at iüLabs

Overwhelmed by health claims?

“At iüLabs we know that immune health is paramount especially in Winter. It may feel like there is nothing you can do, and there is a lot of overwhelming misinformation too. However, from my experience, both personally and professionally, this is not the case.

Over the last 20 years, our knowledge of natural herbal plant based ingredients has shifted from old wives’ tales, to thousands of high-quality scientific studies which give solid evidence that many natural, plant-derived compounds offer measurable health benefits.

As the winter season is approaching and infection risks are rising, insights from this wealth of scientific evidence can help us support our immune system to function at its best. In this webinar, I will focus on recent scientific findings and practical, easy to follow steps to maintain optimal immune defenses, beyond what you have ever heard or read before.”

– Dr Wolfgang Brysch, Chief Scientific Officer at iüLabs


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Discover immune health support iüProtect

iüProtect helps your immune system to meet the challenges of the winter season from colds to airborne viruses.

Taken by mixing solute with water, and giving it a thorough shake, this supplement drink delivers a highly bioavailable, science-led blend of natural plant-based ingredients to where they’re needed.

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iüProtect is a powerful supplement drink that supports your immune system, delivering a science-led blend of protective natural ingredients to your cells

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